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The Forestland Group licenses hunting rights on its managed land through a three year licensing program. Each tract of land is mapped and individually designated as a Recreational License Unit (RLU) for identification purposes. An agreement price is assigned to each RLU based on such factors as: number of acres and regional markets.

Properties available for license are shown on county-level maps, according to state. Simply select a state from the Available Areas at left to begin searching for properties, and viewing topographical maps.

Hunting privileges are licensed to hunt clubs who agree to The Forestland Group’s Terms and Conditions.  Those currently holding licenses with The Forestland Group have first option to renew their agreement.  In the event a current license holder chooses not to renew for a given year, or if the RLU becomes available otherwise, it may be added to the Available Areas site at a fixed price or for general bidding.
Who Do I Pay?
HUNTING LICENSE agreement checks should be written to the HEARTWOOD FORESTLAND FUND as listed on the front of the agreement.

CAMP SITE agreement checks should be written to the entity listed as the licensor on the front of the agreement.

Where Do I Send the Payment?
HUNTING LICENSE payments should be sent to the appropriate address identified under section 11.05 of the agreement.
CAMP SITE payments should be sent to the Wellsboro, PA address as shown on the second page of the agreement.






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